Hi! I'm Samuel, a character designer and 2D artist living and working in Adelaide, Australia. I started out my career working in publishing, illustrating a few children's books and readers, before joining games company Mighty Kingdom in early 2017, where I worked for three and a half years as a concept/2D artist. I’m currently working for Flying Bark Productions as a Character Layout Artist for a 2D animated TV show. 
I have a bachelor's degree in design, specializing in illustration from the University of South Australia, where my focus was design and visual development for animation and games.
When I'm not drawing, I like to surf and skate, play basketball, drums and guitar, but most of my spare time is spent learning, doing online classes, people sketching, and working on personal projects. Currently, I'm taking Daniel Arriaga's "Characters for Animated Film" class on Schoolism and working on a collaborative project I intend to pitch as a children's and teen's television series. 
My goal is to become a character designer for television animation. 
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